Workshop TOPICS – For details on the content of each, see OUTLINES below.

HAPPINESS as a verb, a skill, and a muscle
JUGGLING PRIORITIES: Roles & Goals versus Time & Energy  
A-LISTS FOR LIFE RENOVATORS: Re-designing & refining your goals.
STEERING YOUR MONEY: Making the wiser thing easier to do…
FIRST HORIZONS: Getting your life off to a good start  (for young adults)
ARE THEY READY for LIFE-ON-THEIR-OWN?  (for parents, mentors, and teachers)

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HAPPINESS as a verb, a skill, and a muscle
– The many forms of happiness and a peek at the research.
– Sensible optimism vs daft optimism. Sensible pessimism, daft pessimism.
– Is happiness a choice? How do we deal with sadness and discontent?
– How do we find, recognize, and grow our happiness?
– How can we improve our Luck, resilience, and influence?

JUGGLING PRIORITIES:  Roles & Goals in one hand, Time & Energy the other
– What to do? What not to do? When to do what? Bio-rhythms. Bright spots.
– What do we do when Life messes with our “best laid plans”?
– Keeping the “Me” in the “We”
– The Elephant, the Rider, and the Path

A-LISTS for Life Renovators:  Re-designing & refining your goals
– Tinker with your priorities. Play with new possibilities.
– Remove old “walls”. Keep what works. Implement new solutions.
– Reframe – think of your Life as a “work in progress”, and an adventure.

STEERING YOUR MONEY:  Making the wiser thing easier to do
Explore realistic $$$ strategies that will help you:
– Respect your lazy or weary self – get things organized, simplified, and automatic
– Redirect the money you’re currently flushing towards what actually matters to you.
– Create a happier present and respect your future self.

We don’t hand the car keys to a youngster and say “Here, you figure it out. Drive.” Yet with our busy lives, we often do that with many other life skills. On the other hand, some well-meaning souls become over-protective helicopter parents. Neither approach is appropriate.
– Teens may crave self-direction, but with that comes self-responsibility – and a need for solid life skills. To be “good to go”, what do they still need to learn? When? From whom?
– Your job? To teach and coach them. Get others to help where needed.
– Their job? To learn and practice. To grow. And grow up. 🙂
Knowing that they are Life-competent builds their confidence and self-respect – and yours.

FIRST HORIZONS: Getting your Life off to a good start.
– Improve your decision making skills
– Learn a simplified and effective way to handle your cash flow.
– Learn how to avoid the avoidable mistakes. Someone really oughta tell you…
– Possibility, ambiguity, and choice. What might be your next horizon?