Got half an hour?

Play with ONE of the questions from any ONE of the groups.
Save your thoughts – jot them down. 

Get inspired
  • Describe an obstacle you’ve already overcome. How you did that? How might those strategies be useful in solving some other issue?
  • Pick 2 personality traits you value in yourself. Where could you more frequently use each of these in your personal and working life?
  • Find 10 song-bites or sayings that inspire you. Ask a friend to do the same. Share your ideas and motivations.
  • What have you found to be effective in encouraging yourself to get on with what matters? (Think of at least one example.) What else might be helpful?
  • Life is a life-long learning process. What else do you still need to learn at this point? What else do you want to learn? What surprises might you welcome?
  • What life-mistakes do you really want to avoid? (Give at least 3.) To avoid these, how will you learn what you need to know?
  • Describe one not-so-beneficial habit you would like to change. What advice would you give someone else who wanted to make the same change? How could you help them do that? Now take your own advice.
  • What aspects of Life—your own life, your context, the world—would you like to see improved? To have more influence over these, what could you DO to increase your effectiveness? (Be specific.)
  • “Adulthood” and self-responsibility are inextricably interlinked. In what ways are you ‘more of an adult’ this year than last? (Give 2 examples.) Name another self-responsibility skill you are looking forward to improving in the next few months.
  • What do you consider the characteristics of a “mature adult”? (No matter what your age, please include Playfulness or you’re doing yourself a major disservice!)
Relating to others
  • List 5 questions you need to ask a potential platonic-roommate. List 5 different questions that you need to ask a lover before moving in together.
  • Humour is good for your state of mind and your health. And it smoothes communication. Choose a scenario from your past, and describe how being more light-hearted (you, the other person) might have helped create a better outcome.
  • When choosing a mate there are, hopefully, behaviours or characteristics that are “deal-breakers” for you. What are these? Are these deal-breakers the same in a for-now versus a long-term relationship? If not, clarify for yourself what those differences are.
  • List 5 skills, or ways of thinking and doing, that a wise and caring parent/guardian or mentor should help a teenager learn to be competent and feel ‘ready for life’.
  • You move to a different country—different language, different culture—for several years. Describe how your gender, age, “race”, nationality, culture might impact how you are viewed and/or treated there. How might that experience help you interact with people who come here from elsewhere?
Who are you?
  • Describe 2 of your beneficial habits. Consider beliefs as habitual ideas: which of your beliefs are beneficial habits?
  • Risk has been defined as “chance x damage”. List 10 things you would NEVER do. For any 3 of these, describe circumstances that possibly could make you violate your own “NEVER!” rule.
  • Describe how any 3 of the following might impact who you are, and who you are seen to be: How you make a living • The condition of your home • Who you associate with • What you do for fun • What you do for meaning  Which of these actually matter to YOU with regards to your definition of self?
  • How has “money” – or the lack of it – influenced your life so far? (Give 3 ways.)