About the Book

It’s packed with FLUFF-FREE PRACTICAL easy-to-implement & effective TIPS on how to avoid-the-avoidable mistakes – and for making Life’s “musts” easier. Plus REALISTIC STRATEGIES for creating a more joyful life-adventure.

Why this slightly irreverent book?

  • The pared down tips actually work.
  • It respects that your time and patience are finite.
  • It comes in readily chewable chunks from which you can pick and choose.
  • It helps with the how, not just the what-to-do.

It will help you: 

  • Juggle your priorities
  • Improve your decision-making strategies
  • Figure out your strengths, manage your weaknesses
  • Design and implement, or renovate, your goals
  • Get a better handle on your day, week, Life-Time.
  • Better steer your money to get more joy and benefit from it
  • Learn how to better protect You and Yours
  • And improve your happiness, influence, and resilience.

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REVIEW June 2015 in  Professionally Speaking, The Magazine of the Ontario Teachers Association
Professionally Speaking Review